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    • Professional Team
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    • Years of Experience
    • Professional Team
    • Best Awards
    • Trusted By Clients
    • Years of Experience

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    Custom Electrical

    Our Custom Electrical services specialize in designing and installing electrical systems tailored to meet your specific requirements or preferences. We can create custom lighting setups, install specialized wiring for home automation systems, and add unique features such as specialized outlets, audio/visual setups, or dedicated circuits for your specific appliances or tools.

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    Older Home Electrical

    Our Older Home Electrical services focus on updating and modernizing the electrical systems in older homes. We can upgrade your electrical panel to handle modern electrical loads, replace outdated wiring with safer materials, add additional outlets, and bring your system up to current code standards. Our expertise ensures that your older home's electrical systems are safe and efficient.

    Landscaping Lighting

    Our Landscaping Lighting services revolve around enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your landscape through outdoor lighting. We design and install various lighting elements, including path lights, spotlights to accentuate features such as trees or sculptures, and ambient lighting for your patios or decks. Our goal is to create a visually appealing landscape while also improving safety with well-illuminated walkways.

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    Panel Changes

    Our Panel Changes services involve replacing or upgrading your electrical panel or breaker box. We understand the importance of having a modern and capable panel to meet your property's electrical demands. Our experts will install a safer and more efficient panel, which may include adding more circuits or improving the organization of existing wiring.

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    New Construction Electrical

    Our New Construction Electrical services encompass all electrical work required for newly constructed buildings. We handle the planning and installation of wiring, outlets, switches, electrical panels, lighting fixtures, and more. We ensure that all installations comply with local codes and standards, meeting the specific requirements of your building's intended use. Trust us to provide a reliable and comprehensive electrical solution for your new construction project.

    Lighting Design
    Lighting Design

    Our Lighting Design services involve the meticulous planning and creation of lighting systems to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements in both interior and exterior spaces. We use our expertise to select fixtures, plan layouts, and choose the types of lighting that will create the desired ambiance or highlight specific features. Whether it's task lighting in a kitchen or atmospheric lighting in a dining area, we can bring your vision to life. Additionally, we can design the perfect lighting for your outdoor spaces, such as gardens or patio areas.

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    EV Charger Installation

    With Breaker Brothers Electric LLC's EV charger installation, powering your electric vehicle becomes effortless and cost-effective. We understand your need for a reliable charging solution at home. Our team of expert technicians provide efficient and high-quality service, ensuring your charging station is ready to use as quickly as possible. Don’t miss out on this chance to transform your garage into your personal EV charging station!

    Areas We Serve

    When you first see the deck you want you may be wondering if your dream deck can become a reality? Give us a call to discuss the process and learn about the types of decks that we build.

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